Get Started

This site serves as a guide to remote teaching.

Here you will find best practices for online pedagogy along with information on technology tools to support your remote teaching. We are here to help. If you cannot easily find what you need, please contact your school's local academic support staff, the HUIT Service Desk or your local IT support.

Understand Harvard’s Policies

  • Prepare against the possibility of Zoom bombing: Zoom bombing is when meetings are purposefully (and often offensively) disrupted. Because of the potentially upsetting nature of Zoom bombing incidents, we ask that you secure your Zoom meeting in advance. If Zoom bombing does occur, you should end the Zoom meeting immediately for all and move to a Plan B.
  • Get details about Harvard’s coronavirus policies: Harvard maintains a coronavirus site, with updated policies on closures, restrictions, and options.
  • Check with your department: Your department may issue guidelines about their expectations for classes.
  • Review the  rules and best practices for the recording of classroom sessions - and the Q&A for Faculty regarding Zoom classroom recordings.
  • Understand copyright considerations when shifting courses from in-person to online. In summary, if it was okay to do in class, it is often okay to do in a fully online classroom environment, especially when your online access is limited to the same enrolled students. Please always take accessibility needs into account.

Communicate and Share

  • Create a communication plan: make sure your syllabus and course website tell students how and when they can contact you (email, online office hours, etc.), and how and when they can expect to receive your reply.
  • Connect with instructors throughout Harvard: Harvard instructors and teaching teams are invited to join Harvard Teaching Online on Slack. As a supplement to resources throughout this site, the Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning (VPAL) in partnership with HUIT has created this Slack forum as a way to connect all active instructors and their teaching teams across the University. You can share learnings around remote teaching and get real-time advice from across Schools on any pedagogical questions you have.